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Building Sale Completed

Our Langley BC Headquarters has sold and we are beginning work on our new Abbotsford HQ. More to come.

Numbers are Rising

It's exciting to see the number of mentors rise every day, now at 900. As we are able to train Christians to share their faith, it enables us to share the hope that we have with more people, especially in areas like India, Indonesia and to Iranians.

In the last 365 days, we have had the ability to see our mentors engage with over 78,000 people. Check out the live dashboard.

One of our mentors recently shared this story.
Haunting Memories of Two Abortions

Annie* wrote in as a new Christian seeking assurance of forgiveness. Several months pregnant, she was finding it difficult to bond with her expected child.

WE CAN DO PAPER TOO! Kirk Durston along with Michael Horner, contributed to this book on apologetics.

Let me know if you would like a copy.
I do get a staff discount at our P2C bookstore (which is now 100% online.)
Put a Bow on 2021

2021 started out with a covid lockdown here in Manitoba. Things eventually opened up and in the summer we even had a few weeks of optional masking instead of required. Unfortunately, Covid did it’s thing and now we are waiting to find out what type of restrictions we will be enduring as Omicron cases spread through the province.

Covid Status

With Manitoba beginning a third wave, our government has put in restrictions that limit our ability to see family outside of our home. Elsewhere, our team has endured side effects from vacccinations and some are dealing with the virus itself.

Ministry Requests for May

We have a number of innovation projects underway.