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A Professor Comes to Faith

One of our newest mentors is Brad, who speaks Russian and English. The very first message he received was from John, a neuroscientist and medical researcher working at a large university.

The "Ultimate Questions" Apologetics Podcast

Jon Topping has joined the Digital Strategies team and we're excited to share his content with the world.

He holds an MA in Philosophy of Religion and Ethics from Biola University in California at the Talbot School of Theology, and a BA from Tyndale University in Toronto with a double major in Philosophy and Religious Studies

Fatima loved that expression, “born again”.
New Country, New Friends, New Faith

Fatima* and her family immigrated to Germany from a Muslim country when she was just 13. Now 15 years old, she still felt isolated and alone in this strange new land.

We're on TikTok Too

When I was their age, we didn't have apps, we had disks. Now, to reach Gen Z we are downloading and engaging on apps like TikTok. [Kirk Durston - The Philosopher] Warning, TikTok is heavily addictive and you never know what you're going to see next.

Also check out Kirk's latest article where he steps into the discussion on racism.

Welcoming New Teammates

Andrew Hocking (Technical Innovations), Cathy Binayo (Mentor Coach), Vincent Rizzo (Intern, Writing), John Bowman (Marketing), Greg Russell (Tech Support), and Farah Khan (Developer) have joined our team in the last few months.

We are also in the interviewing and acceptance stages with a few others. Pray for this group of people as they join the front-lines.

WE CAN DO PAPER TOO! Kirk Durston along with Michael Horner, contributed to this book on apologetics.

Let me know if you would like a copy.
I do get a staff discount at our P2C bookstore (which is now 100% online.)
November's Ministry Requests

This quarter, we are focusing on a few things that will help to increase mentor retention which will in turn, allow us to respond to even more people.

Our goal is to have at least 90% of our mentors continue at the end of each quarter. Although our mentoring program is not for everyone, we want to ensure that we have done everything we can to ensure the experience is fulfilling for those that give their time and heart to our ministry as volunteers.

November Family Requests

Your prayers are coveted. Thank you for standing in the gap.

Financial Requests

It is through the financial partnership of people like you that we can continue as a ministry, and I can be involved in it.