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News from Sheldon Kotyk, Director of P2C Digital Strategies

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Mentors Needed


Disciplers Needed to Coach New Mentors!

With dozens of new mentors already approved and mentor applications approaching 200, we have another need. Each mentor needs to have a mentor coach to help them!

For such a time as this

No one saw this global pandemic coming in this way, but P2C Digital Strategies was already prepared with tools and strategies to respond. Now we need to scale up.

Old Enough to Remember

As the reports around the global pandemic take over the news, it reminded me of the Y2K bug. Hindsight will tell us if the steps we are taking will minimize the problem or just delay the pain.

Experience the ways that God has been preparing P2C Digital Strategies for such a time as this.
The Door is Wide Open!

With the pandemic keeping people isolated at home, it’s becoming very obvious just how much the world is online. Our churches have stopped meeting in person and many global missions have had to stall their normal activities. But, does Jesus’ call for Christians to tell people about him also pause?

Reaching Gen Z

Generation Z is a spiritual blank slate. With Gen X leaving the church in droves and millenials focussing on trying to pay their rent, a new generation is ready to hear about Jesus. Monica Muldoon, our Director of Innovation is working on new strategies to connect with them.

Our desire is to work with churches and ministry partners to research and develop strategies that will impact a generation.

Every Believer is a Witness

Will you help reach one billion people with the Gospel this May? We're a part of GO 2020.

Welcoming New Staff

Michael Horner (Writing & Mentor Recruiting) and Matthew Muldoon (Writing & Mentoring) have joined Digital Strategies after their time serving with P2C Students.

The Life Project is now Power to Change Digital Strategies

Over the years, we were known as Women Today Online, GoPoints & Power to Change, TruthMedia, and The Life Project. Power to Change Digital Strategies is a much better fit for what we do.

The new brand makes our relationship with Power to Change clear. It also bridges the gap we had with our global team.
Covid-19 Opportunities

As devastating and scary as Covid-19 is, it is nothing compared to what it would be like to hear that we did not do what God wanted us to do at this time. The opportunities are coming at us from every direction and we want to take advantage of as many as possible.

Prayer Request

Wisdom to identify and mobilize on the opportunities that God wants P2C DS to do or support.

Family Updates

Julie is working at the Crisis Unit in town and being in health care, interacts with the population that often has the tendency to be more high-risk. Pray for continued health and safety.

The kids are all at home now as we're on lockdown but being smart kids they are getting all their work done.

Ava is scheduled for an MRI on her shoulder on April 6. We're expecting it may get postponed or cancelled but pray that she is able to handle any anxiety spikes as the date approaches.

Jamie is doing physio on her own now and the pain specialist has cleared her for active duty in PE and with sports.

Kristin would like the snow to go away.

Pray for each other

I have an amazing group of prayer and financial partners. I am very aware that when the economy is experiencing issues, it will often affect you. I am praying for you and I would love it if you would all pray for my team of ministry partners. Related to this, pray that the individual churches would all be able to continue operating and reaching their communities.