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IIF: Between Two Worlds

"My mother is Cameroonian. My father is from Italy. I was born in France. I grew up in Qu├ębec." - Iona's story of growing up biracial

Lego Movie DS Edition

Our incredible Creative Director spent a few months in her basement with her legos and delivered an awesome explanation of what we do and how we do it.

Disciplers Needed to Coach New Mentors!

We have doubled the number of mentors active in since the beginning of the year. We still need more Mentor Coaches to disciple our new mentors.

Experience the ways that God has been preparing P2C Digital Strategies for such a time as this.
The Door is Wide Open! Recap

This spring we ran 3 events to share stories of what God is doing around the world through Digital Strategies. We called them The Door is Wide Open! as when we started, Covid-19 was causing doors of churches and ministries globally to be closed. Watch the recap here!

We're on TikTok Too

When I was their age, we didn't have apps, we had disks. Now, to reach Gen Z we are downloading and engaging on apps like TikTok. [Kirk Durston - The Philosopher] Warning, TikTok is heavily addictive and you never know what you're going to see next.

Also check out Kirk's latest article where he steps into the discussion on racism.

Welcoming New Teammates

Andrew Hocking (Technical Innovations), Cathy Binayo (Mentor Coach), Vincent Rizzo (Intern, Writing), John Bowman (Marketing), Greg Russell (Tech Support), and Farah Khan (Developer) have joined our team in the last few months.

We are also in the interviewing and acceptance stages with a few others. Pray for this group of people as they join the front-lines.

WE CAN DO PAPER TOO! Kirk Durston along with Michael Horner, contributed to this book on apologetics.

Let me know if you would like a copy.
I do get a staff discount at our P2C bookstore (which is now 100% online.)
Covid-19 Opportunities

As devastating and scary as Covid-19 is, it is nothing compared to what it would be like to hear that we did not do what God wanted us to do at this time. The opportunities are coming at us from every direction and we want to take advantage of as many as possible.

Prayer Request

Wisdom to identify and mobilize on the opportunities that God wants P2C DS to do or support.

Family Updates

Julie is working at the Crisis Unit in town and being in health care, interacts with the population that often has the tendency to be more high-risk. Pray for continued health and safety.

The kids are all at home now as we're on lockdown but being smart kids they are getting all their work done.

Ava is scheduled for an MRI on her shoulder on April 6. We're expecting it may get postponed or cancelled but pray that she is able to handle any anxiety spikes as the date approaches.

Jamie is doing physio on her own now and the pain specialist has cleared her for active duty in PE and with sports.

Kristin would like the snow to go away.

Pray for each other

I have an amazing group of prayer and financial partners. I am very aware that when the economy is experiencing issues, it will often affect you. I am praying for you and I would love it if you would all pray for my team of ministry partners. Related to this, pray that the individual churches would all be able to continue operating and reaching their communities.