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Prayer Requests

We can't do anything under our own strength. Join us as we hear God's voice and bring our requests to him.

Covid-19 Opportunities

As devastating and scary as Covid-19 is, it is nothing compared to what it would be like to hear that we did not do what God wanted us to do at this time. The opportunities are coming at us from every direction and we want to take advantage of as many as possible.

Prayer Request

Wisdom to identify and mobilize on the opportunities that God wants P2C DS to do or support.

Family Updates

Julie is working at the Crisis Unit in town and being in health care, interacts with the population that often has the tendency to be more high-risk. Pray for continued health and safety.

The kids are all at home now as we're on lockdown but being smart kids they are getting all their work done.

Ava is scheduled for an MRI on her shoulder on April 6. We're expecting it may get postponed or cancelled but pray that she is able to handle any anxiety spikes as the date approaches.

Jamie is doing physio on her own now and the pain specialist has cleared her for active duty in PE and with sports.

Kristin would like the snow to go away.

Pray for each other

I have an amazing group of prayer and financial partners. I am very aware that when the economy is experiencing issues, it will often affect you. I am praying for you and I would love it if you would all pray for my team of ministry partners. Related to this, pray that the individual churches would all be able to continue operating and reaching their communities.

A New Vision Beyond 2020

"5000 Mentors leading 1 Million people closer to Jesus by the end of 2020." As we see the end of 2020 quickly approaching, we are confronted by the need to look beyond December 31. Will you pray (and fast?) with us over the next few months as we listen to God's heart for our ministry?

Family: Ava Dislocates Shoulder in Basketball Tournament

We're pretty sure it isn't the first time that our middle daughter (14) has popped her shoulder out. Unfortunately, this time the x-rays show that she has a Hill-Sachs Lesion. An MRI is in the process of being scheduled and she'll be joining Jamie (11) in physiotherapy who damaged her wrist (Scaphoid fracture). Ava is still going to play in the soccer tournament this weekend.

Jamie is in Choir. Kristin (15) is currently in indoor track and is doing great.

Ottawa. Twice.

I'll be heading to Canada's capital for a day and a half of meetings in mid-February then again in April for our Ministry Leader's Summit. I'll be taking my oldest daughter Kristin with me on the first trip. We're hoping to skate on the canal. Pray for safe travels and wisdom for those in the meetings.

Quebec Project

Our initial marketing tests for advertising in Quebec came back a little higher than desired. Pray that Dorothy would be able to figure out how to reach more people in Montreal and the Sherbrooke areas with our MES DÉFIS, J'EN PARLEstrategy.


I just looked at our administrative dashboard and I see that there are currently 559 new people waiting for a mentor to respond. Although we have seen 24 new missionaries accepted in the last 30 days, we need to see hundreds more join us. JOIN HERE!