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News from Sheldon Kotyk, Director of P2C Digital Strategies

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We can't do anything under our own strength. Join us as we hear God's voice and bring our requests to him.

Ministry Requests

As we continue testing live chat, I think of all the people that are searching for help and need to find Jesus. They try many different sites and when they find us, our prayer is that our mentors would be able to lead them into a conversation about Jesus.

Live chat has the potential to help many more people but will require new training, shorter templates, and sometimes even new mentors that are able to respond in a few sentences quickly.

Pray that we would be able to recruit people that want a little different experience with a little more pressure and pray that we can equip them well.

Family Requests

Pray for Julie, Kristin (19), Ava (17), Jamie (14 until Monday) and I.

Julie is working extra hours (nights!) which is hard on the body and mind. Pray she can sleep well when she gets off work.

Kristin is taking a gap year which is coming to an end. She'll be going to Providence College in the fall for a Social Work degree.

Ava is graduating from high school and will be taking a few classes at the University of Manitoba in the fall. She could use a job with more hours in the summer.

Jamie is finishing up grade nine.