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Ten provinces and three territories, populated with people that need Jesus. Whether they are born in Canada or have made it their new home, God has given us the responsibility to tell them about Him.

Jesus Film Follow-up from YouTube

We are working with over 80 partners, actively involved in 125 countries around the world. Some are small, but others like the Jesus Film Project calculate their stats in the millions and billions. We are setup to provide the follow-up for people who watch the Jesus Film in Hindi and want to talk to someone after.

So far the engagement hasn't been overwhelming but we are learning things as we continue to make adjustments.

Disciplers Needed to Coach New Mentors!

UPDATED July 2 with new numbers.

With hundreds of new mentors already approved in the last few months and mentor applications still coming in from around the world every day, we have another pressing need. Each mentor needs to have a mentor coach to help them!

The mentor coach is trained to guide people that may not have shared their faith before, disciple them spiritually, and answer any questions their mentors have.

Our goal is to have a mentor coach for every ten mentors so we need many more to join us.

Qualifications are a solid Christian that wants to help others grow spiritually.

If this is you, apply to mentor with us and let us know you'd love to coach mentors as well.

I Wrote Something...

As the reports around the global pandemic take over the news, it reminded me of the Y2K bug. Hindsight will tell us if the steps we are taking will minimize the problem or just delay the pain.

However, at the end of the day, we need to remember that God is in control, which gives us hope when walking through the valley of the shadow of death.

I wrote this article for

P2C DS Leadership Retreat

Our leadership team met at Teen Ranch outside of Orangeville, ON in January to pray, play, listen to what the Lord is saying, and work through strategies to meet our Objectives and Key Results.

Reaching Gen Z

Generation Z is a spiritual blank slate. With Gen X leaving the church in droves and millenials focussing on trying to pay their rent, a new generation is ready to hear about Jesus. Monica Muldoon, our Director of Innovation is working on new strategies to connect with them.

Our desire is to work with churches and ministry partners to research and develop strategies that will impact a generation.

The Life Project is now Power to Change Digital Strategies

Over the years, we were known as Women Today Online, GoPoints & Power to Change, TruthMedia, and The Life Project. Power to Change Digital Strategies is a much better fit for what we do.