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The Door is Wide Open!

Here's Dorothy, our fantastic Admin/Marketing expert with a special video invite. (Transcript below)

With the pandemic keeping people isolated at home, it’s becoming very obvious just how much the world is online. Our churches have stopped meeting in person and many global missions have had to stall their normal activities. But, does Jesus’ call for Christians to tell people about him also pause? 

We know it doesn’t. For the last 25 years, Digital Strategies has been navigating the ever-changing mission field. Even though many doors are now closing, millions are bursting through the digital door.

We invite you to experience the ways that God has been preparing Power to Change Digital Strategies for such a time as this, and how you also, can join us in sharing the Good News to people in these times of uncertainty.

Because, the world is online, let’s help them know Jesus.

Our last event for the spring will take place on June 16 at 7:30 Eastern.