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November Family Requests

Your prayers are coveted. Thank you for standing in the gap.

So far this fall has been, in a word, interesting. Obviously, with the pandemic causing issues, school has been intermittent. Until this week, Jamie (12) has been in school full time while the older two are mixed between in-person classes and working on projects. Thankfully, all three do well and other than the annoyance, we're expecting them to continue to perform. Kristin is in grade 11 and Ave is in grade 10. Jamie is in grade 8.

Ava has continued having shoulder issues and we are waiting for follow-up with the surgeon to see when surgery can potentially happen. It's looking like elective surgeries will probably get postponed at this point. My hope is that it can be dealt with before soccer season next year.

With Julie in healthcare, we are thankful for minimal cases at her clinic. Continue praying for protection please.